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Passionate in the provision of solutions

Experts in fintech and banking data risk solutions. 

As professional project management experts, we specialise in change and transformation, all manners of risk management and data and IT security. We help businesses and organisations to overcome challenges and put procedures in place to optimise business success.

We work at a corporate strategy level, offering operational design options and solutions for major critical and complex projects along with providing support for at-risk business deliverables. We can provide corporate stress-testing, business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning to help your business prepare for every risk eventuality.

In today’s age of digital technology the market does not stand for accidents, mistakes and lack of service. When things go wrong they very quickly spiral out of control and can create negative media publicity which is an evident reputational risk.

There are still some organisations that take days to see the outcomes of change in the systems or transactions. T+5 reporting is not sustainable in this fast paced market along with outdated data management and communications systems (FAX). To be effective in today’s market organisations must be working on real time reporting along with handling communications in a digital arena. A2D Solutions has developed a unique data management system (Coeus) which uses a single Golden Source; no patches, just the correct information.

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What's special about us?

We provide clear and respectful leadership, management and an expert skillset to problem solve in order to transform your business and manage your brand.

We have particular skills and experience in troubleshooting businesses and projects that are having problems. We deliver innovative options, inspiring solutions and robustly designed benefits. We implement dynamic and fully efficient outcomes to your strategic plans. We think outside the box to provide the options and solutions to your change requirements, in all industries.

With offices in London, Bristol, Cardiff and Cheltenham, we are ideally placed to respond quickly to your requirements.

How we have helped

Aiding business small and large, we have consistently striven to achieve successful results with every client that we have worked with. We are practitioners, not consultants and work with a company to get the results that the company wants.

For example, we have helped to retain trading licences for a number of financial service organisations by ensuring compliance with EU and FCA regulatory requirements, and delivered new finance and insurance instruments and products. We have provided vital support and guidance to other global organisations, including a major European bank, on disaster recovery and business contingency planning procedures.

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business transformation change management

Change & Transformation Management

Managing change in a business takes a delicate approach with strong leadership. We have experienced change management professionals who can save you time and money with implementing any change project.

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Risk Management

Increasingly businesses are suffering from crisis, caused by a lack of contingency plans for identified risk. Brand, reputational and operational risks are only a small selection of risk areas that we can help your business with.

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incident management team

Incident Management

With a wealth of experience in turning around problem projects and incident crisis, our experts are ready to step up to any challenge that your business is facing. We give solutions in collaboration with the business owner, providing quality outcomes.

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problem resolution assessment

Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution

Experts in troubleshooting, we are able to take full ownership of a problem, design solutions that fit the business needs and create a culture of success.

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project recovery assessment


We can help you avoid or mitigate damage by rescuing failed projects or recovering those that haven’t even got started, have gone astray or are not delivering what you planned.

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server team

Data & Information Security Management

We can provide audits, testing, strategy and certification to make your businesses data and information safe and secure.

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operational standardisation executive control

Operational Standardisation

We can assist you with the standardisation of your governance framework, organisational and cultural environments to ensure that your business gets the best out of its processes and people.

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