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Why is it important to stay and act CALM during BREXIT?

Why is it important to stay and act CALM during BREXIT?

Why is it important to stay and act CALM during BREXIT? 1080 932 Charlotte Edwards

So it’s all still uncertain. Nothing has been decided and businesses are still frustrated, longing to have some direction, and understand how BREXIT will affect their trading, finances and profit margins. Stories seem to keep appearing with news of impeding doom whether we stay, leave or a deal is made somewhere in the middle. However, Change management practitioners are not phased by BREXIT.

In fact we see BREXIT as a change project to manage. Whatever the outcome, BREXIT is going to bring change for your business, and here at A2D Solutions we have a simple model to ensure the change is managed effectively, without disruption or loss of income to your business. We like to stay CALM. Control, Assess, provide Leadership, Management.

Firstly, take CONTROL of the situation

by providing direct ownership. Although most of the factors are outside of your control and uncertainty is inevitable, it is paramount that you ensure tight guidance on providing positive communications and dealing with situations that arise as they arise; reputations are lost not by having problems but not knowing how to deal with them. Offset the challenges by performing corporate stress-testing to highlight areas of risk and weakness. Developing the strengths of the business will help prepare for any change that BREXIT throws at your business or in your department.

Then ASSESS the findings of the stress-testing outcomes

and carry out deep dives to identify areas for improvement and minimise risks that come out accordingly. Which area needs the most attention – is it systematic, credit, counterparty, operational or legal? Is your risk register up to date with continuity and disaster recovery in place? Apply the MoSCoW rules to prioritise your risk register and engage clearly with departments. It is much easier to be prepared for a risk than to deal with the aftermath with no preparation.


One of the most vital aspects of successfully achieving change is providing clear and unambiguous direction. True leaders delegate actions appropriately and stay strong during the period of change. Ensure the correct leadership skills are evident in your people. Reassuring your employees in turbulent conditions is essential to the success and focus of your organisation. Through periods of change employees will look for direction and guidance with unfamiliar systems and directives being put in place. This will be especially important for trading legislation which will undoubtly change.

And ensure that MANAGEMENT is applied to the change.

By creating and standardising procedures, and managing the change put in place correctly, more effective systems of working can be created. Training and continuous improvement, preparation and planning will lead to success, and in a few years times, you’ll be saying BREXIT was an opportunity!

A2D Solutions provides change, transformation and corporate risk management practitioners along with professional teams to ensure the maximum success of your business. For more information or to contact us, visit www.a2dsolutions.co.uk.