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Discreet and professional


for Project Management, Change and Transformation

We are discreet and professional, picking up where Projects may have failed or are having problems getting off the start line.

One of our key skill areas is troubleshooting the main components of change failure and difficulty, and using strategic methods to provide effective and long lasting training, coaching and project recovery skills to ensure longevity in successful results.

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Change Management & Transformation

we make change work for you

Creating and implementing change and transformation in any business can be extremely daunting, and the list of incurring problems can be endless. A2D Solutions can help make the transition of change seamless and easy.

Whether implementing a new product, or introducing and designing a new system, change is inevitable in business, and A2D designs and implements strategies to make the process as smooth as possible. We can turn the threat of change into an opportunity, creating achievable timelines within a set budget to provide a quality output.

We work in three simple stages and each stage is supported by options based on cost and time; we do not compromise on quality.



The Why? We assess your need for change and set priorities for delivery allowing for full benefits to be delivered throughout the project.


The How? We design and plan the whole series of events that will deliver your Business Benefits for the good of the company.


The Goal. We establish the end game “To Be” design and plan the implementation and hand over to operations in a fully supported manner.

We’ve helped so many organisations confronted with change that we understand the risks and how to overcome them; we’ve handled the push-back and ensured success through adoption and accommodation; and most importantly, we’ve rescued organisations for whom change has backfired.

Risk Management

A2D Solutions is passionate about risk. All businesses and companies have a long risk register, but is anything done with this information?

In a culture that values trust in order to build sustainable and longevity in relations with both clients and stakeholders, many businesses are not prepared or have not planned for reputational and brand risk. Increasingly, in businesses small and large, a crisis has occurred, and with no contingency plan the business has floundered.

A2D look outside the norm, and not only identify the area of risk, but provide a strategy and plan which is well tested and tried to put in place and protect your business. We are also able to deal with the aftermath of a crisis and help you to get your business back on track.

One of the key ways to identify and mitigate risk in your business is by corporate stress-testing plans and procedures from all departments within a business. Stress-testing involves creating hypothetical scenarios that put pressure on already in place systems and frameworks. By identifying risk, whether it be reputational, brand, operational or external, the business will be stronger, trusted and prepared for those risks to occur. Stress-testing frameworks are already successfully used in many finance and banking organisations, where as well as decreasing levels of risk, the corporate test has resulted in the aiding of policy and procedure improvement. Here at A2D, we understand that stress-testing is an expensive and manpower intensive exercise, not only whilst performing the test but also in the data analysis that follows. Let us take the pressure off your team and put the pressure on our policy to reduce the occurrence of risk and help your business to thrive.

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Incident Management

the solution to your problems

Do you know that your business has a problem but are unsure of where the problem lies or are afraid to face the issue?

A2D Solutions has had successful results in troubleshooting problems in many industries, and we can help you. We will take ownership of the problem and provide guidance, help and a plan to not only overcome the problem but to learn from it. We use our knowledge and experience, along with business intelligence to source the root of the problem and give the business owner a clear and strategic plan to follow.

All of this is done in collaboration with the project or business owner, and training and guidance is given to the team. No problem is insurmountable, and we rise to the challenge of solving your problems for you, saving time and money, but not compromising on quality.

Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution

Mitigate and resolve incidents and major problems within your Project and organisation and ensure you can react, manage and track solutions through to completion.

Our Problem Resolution specialists are troubleshooters, skilled at overcoming issues to ensure that everyone is working together towards a shared goal. When others have failed, we understand what is involved in salvaging a Project and implementing your standards.

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Project Recovery

Solutions for Project Recovery

Avoid the risk of project failure: rescue or recover projects that could undermine your business and damage your reputation. Our project recovery specialists will ensure your projects get back on track, if it is at all possible.

You can do this by bringing us in: we’re the project turnaround troubleshooters, able to avoid or mitigate damage by rescuing failed projects or recovering those that haven’t even got started, have gone astray or are not delivering what you planned.

By recognising the need for project recovery, you’ve already made the most important step down the path of changing direction and limiting the damage that can be caused. We can help you by using our unique skills and experience to bring about the optimum outcome in a mutually agreed timeline and as close to the original as possible.

Data & Information Security Management

With businesses facing an ever changing threat landscape, a business needs to ensure that it is doing its best to mitigate the risks and put in place controls to reduce the probability and the impact of an information security incident.

We help by providing staff awareness training, so that the business grows a security culture and has a better understanding of the risk that everyday actions can have.

If you wish to prove to clients that you are taking the security of their data, their processing and their supply chain seriously, then you can seek ISO27001 (the International Standard for Information Security) certification. Our consultants can assist with the planning and implementation of the documentation and procedures that you require to obtain and retain the certification.

Should your business already have the certification but find that the resources required to perform the required internal audit of the business or perhaps of the supply chain are being stretched, then we can provide the required audit to ensure that the business continues to monitor and improve its information security stance.

By recognising the need for pro-active information security you have already made the most important step towards protecting your data, your reputation and your business. We can complete a full gap analysis to advise of where you need to enhance your security and thereafter assist you in becoming a more secure business.

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Operational Standardisation

maintain your success

So, you’ve implemented your change, you’ve found a solution to your problem, but how do you maintain continuous improvement?

A2D can assist you with the standardisation of your governance framework, organisational and cultural environments. We ensure that you get the best out of your processes, consistently improving efficiency. Providing ongoing support and training, we maximise the qualities of your people and systems to ensure that you optimise your business. Creating the correct organisational and cultural environment for ideas to grow and be nurtured ensures your business keeps up to date with the fast-paced growth of the business world today.

We can also provide ongoing support and training for disaster recovery, create business continuity plans and manage incidents and problems as they arise. A2D offers the following services to test your standardisation:

    • Data audits
    • Incident preparation, training and testing
    • Company health audits
    • Quality and Control audits

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